The 26th IEEE International Symposium on Industrial Electronics, 19-21 June 2017
Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

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Approved Special Sessions

The following are the Special Session Tracks for the conference:

SS-01 Dr. Oleg Sergiyenko, Dr. Julio C. Rodriguez-Quiñonez, Dr. Wendy Flores-Fuentes and Dr. Moises Rivas-Lopez
SS-01 Machine Vision Control & Navigation

SS-02 Dr. Yushan Liu and Dr Haitham Abu-Rub
SS-02 Impedance Source Converters: Control, Improved Topologies and Emerging Applications

SS-03 Gerhard Zucker, Jan Haase and Joern Ploennigs
SS-03 Building Automation & IoT Applications for Energy Efficiency

SS-04 Prof. Hadi Y. Kanaan, Prof. Kamal Al-Haddad and Hani Vahedi
SS-04 Advanced Power Electronics for Power Quality in Distributed Power Systems

SS-05 João Martins, Mihai Sanduleac, Marco Liserre and Josep M. Guerrero
SS-05 New Era of Smart Grids The role of Smart Meters

SS-06 Prof. Yasuharu Kunii, Ass. Prof. Gabor Sziebig and Ass. Prof. Mihoko Niitsuma
SS-06 Internet of Robots

SS-07 Dmitri Vinnikov, Enrique Romero-Cadaval, João Martins and Mariusz Malinowski
SS-07 New Era of Prosumers Operation Strategies Control Algorithms and Power Electronics

SS-08 Antonio J. Marques Cardoso and Chiara Boccaletti
SS-08 Fault Diagnosis and Fault Tolerance in Power Electronics and Drives

SS-09 Vito Giuseppe Monopoli, Giampaolo Buticchi and Marco Liserre
SS-09 On-board Micro-grid for the More Electric Aircraft

SS-10 M. Soufian, N. Moradpoor and Zhiyuan Tan
SS-10 Industrial Automation and Process System’s Security

SS-11 Antonio J. Marques Cardoso and Chiara Boccaletti
SS-11 Efficient and Reliable Hybrid and Electric Propulsion Systems

SS-12 Gerasimos Rigatos, Pierluigi Siano and Sul Ademi
SS-12 Advances in nonlinear Control for Power Generation

SS-13 Seiichiro Katsura, Yasutaka Fujimoto, Toshiyuki Murakami and Kiyoshi Ohishi
SS-13 Integrated Design of Sensing and Actuation for Human Support Applications

SS-14 Wael Dghais, Muhammad Alam and Kim Fung Tsang
SS-14 Signal and Power Automation Design for Communication Systems

SS-15 Sanjeet Dwivedi, Kaiyuan Lu and Shailendra Jain
SS-15 Control Algorithm and Converter Topologies for Energy Efficient Control of AC Drives

SS-16 Daniel T Gladwin, Alfonso Damiano and Federico Baronti
SS-16 Modelling, Analysis, and Management of Hybrid Energy Storage Systems

SS-17 Sho Yokota, Kanghyun Jo and Daisuke Chugo
SS-17 Technology Design on Human Factors

SS-18 Alin Tisan, Jeannette Chin and G.P. Hancke
SS-18 IoT Technology for Reliable User-Centric Sensing and Healthcare Applications

SS-19 Yihua Hu, Chengbin Ma and Mo-Yuen Chow
SS-19 Resilient Renewable Energy & Storage Systems

SS-20 Shrawan Jha and Stuart Simpson
SS-20 Flexible Electronics: Technologies and Applications

SS-21 Cesar Silva, Lee Empringham, Edward Christopher and Liliana de Lillo
SS-21 Control and Management of Local Networks with Energy Storage

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